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Death, sacrifice, menstruation, fertility paintings by Sara Star

Within the microcasm of menstruation is structure for the macrocasm of the arte.
We plant seeds by the cycles of the moon for fertility, we likewise measure the cycles of woman to plant the seed for new life.
In the darkness a seed is planted and in the void of raw matter forms a becoming living being with a life and after life.
The very model of the blood sacrifice is that woman’s menstrual priod. Blood must be shed in order for life to take within.
The logic is profoundly rooted in the body the mysteries written on our becoming.*


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Clary Sage Herbarium

I found this sweet little shop at its new location in the Alberta Arts district. Its down a little path around the side of a big house. And it is adorable, just packed to the brim with herbal goodies. Oils, dried herbs, plants, ¬†and blends. I picked up some supplies for making some flower wine. And I couldn’t be more pleased, the prices are great, the atmosphere is cozy and cute and it is subtle, one is not bombarded with crappy new age music or excessive numbers of metaphysical books. A great supply shop I will be back to again and again.

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