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Priestess? Mother of God?

I am kinda of an anachronism, I am definately firmly pagan. But I had an in between time for a couple of years when I looked into mystical Christianity, and I got hooked on Greek Orthodox Iconography. This is a style that many have extended to other cultures and actually originated in Egyptian tomb art. I apply the style to some pagan imagery on occasion and I have seen gorgeous Hindu icons as well. For my catholic college’s art show, I painted some catholic images, but it made me think of how mystical and powerful these two figures are: Mary Magdalen and Mary Mother of God. Mary Magdalen has a mysterious Coptic and Gnostic side and the rumors of her as bride and apostle and even gospel writer add to her mystic. Mary Mother of God is so revered that the Catholics are often characterized as pagan by detractors to anything positive about the feminine.

Holy Mother and Child

Holy Mother and Child

I feel the need to share, after all I haven’t posted much lately, and this is what I have been up to, preparing for the Alumni show. I should preface, I took these photographs myself, hence the low quality.

Woman with Alabaster Jary

Woman with Alabaster Jar

I am proud of my improving skill in these two paintings, and I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to my favorite pagan subjects.


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