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Why grow herbs all year long in the messy witches garden if I’m not going to do something awesome with them. Sometimes the use for the mandrake or the blood root doesn’t come up that often, but come winter,I will be glad I harvested and prepared my horehound and ginger .
Candied Ginger by EdwardKimuck

Candied Ginger by EdwardKimuck

Last weekend, my coven mates and I skinned, sliced, and boiled a pound of fresh ginger root. After about half an hour, its flesh was soft and transparent. We drained off the water for a spicy ginger drink, and mixed the ginger with a lot of sugar and fried it in a pan until it was starting to get thicker and drier. Next we pulled out the ginger and let it dry until it was sticky. The final step was to dip it in more sugar. Result: candied ginger. I take candied ginger for stomach ailments such as the morning after a hangover or a touch of naseau. And the spicy ginger infusion that we drained off the top makes an excellent tea for colds and sinus illnesses. A little lemon or lemon herb and honey makes the drink tasty.  Depending on how strong it is you might thin the drink out with more water until it tastes right.

The next project in line is horehound candy. It takes about a quart of leaves and stem. The next step is to make a very strong infusion by boiling the herb in a pint of water for 30 minutes.  Then you strain out the herb and add 3 cups of sugar to the liquid, bring to a boil again and add 1/4 of butter to the horehound infusion.  You need a candy thermometer to know when the concoction is ready to make into lozenges about 265 degrees (121 degrees Celsius). Then you can pour the syrup into a pan until it cools, then you can cut it into squares and wrap it in wax paper. You could also use candy molds. Horehound candy, besides being delicious, a taste similar to licorice, is excellent for soothing sore throats and stopping dry coughs.

A special thanks to Sarah at Forest Grove Botanica for awarding me the Domestic Witch Blog Award. Its an honor!

The domestic witch blog award

The domestic witch blog award

I am going to award my first place slot to the witch who is making these delectable candies with me: http://magicalmuse.typepad.com/magical_musings/ It is an experiment for all of us in the coven, and it is already turning out rewards. I learned a lot about gardening from her. Magical Muse makes really fun and funky pagan and witchy arts. Her photography is phenomenal, and she is one of my closest friends.

2nd Place: Again showing my terrible bias for women I know from my area: Survival Mama deserves major accolades for her blog. It is not specifically a pagan or witchcraft emphasized blog, but the author is a person who honors and adores nature for the goddess she is: http://www.survivalmama.com. Survival Mama makes so many wonderful things from scratch, she knits, crochets and sews clothes for herself, her daughter, and her daughter’s dolls. She makes all sorts of amazing foods that I just salivate over reading her blog. The most admirable aspect of this blog is the chronicle of an attempt to live close to nature from a second floor condominium porch. If Survival Mama can live such a heathen life close to nature from her suburban high rise, I don’t know why anyone else couldn’t.

I don’t read a lot of domestic witch blogs, so unfortunately, I cannot think of a third blog to award, unless I was to throw it back at Sarah or Juniper. I just started a new job after nine months of unemployment. I have only a little bit of time online each day, and so I cut my blog roll down a ton.  This blog is still a priority of mine, so hopefully you will continue to see posts from me about my craftiness in the near future.


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