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Minstrels by Gak

Mistrels by Gak

In the legends of old Ireland, bards could win wars, dethrone kings and permanently blemish the beautiful with their rhymes. There is still a strong remnant of this in today’s society. I think of John Dean’s fall from popularity and loss of his chance at the democratic presidential candidacy because the news media bards satired his enthusiasm and “wooting” at a rally.

Saturday Night Live and Tina Faye affected the world’s view of Sarah Palin in the last election and certainly impacted how seriously people take her to this day.

Bards of old were the newscasters and late night comedians of their day. What we see today had a more magical life in ancient and medieval times. Just imagine what a witch or bard of today can do when they know the occult uses of words and have the skill of Tina Fey or tenacity of a Pulitzer Prize reporter.

A very special trick a good bard has up her sleeve is discovering the targets gies. The gies is a catch 22 type weakness most important people have. Your probably know your mom or dad’s weakness, and if you are a skilled bard, you will catch the targets gies and will either reveal it or use it to trap the target in a social corner.

A lot of magic is in intuition and well place application of the knowledge gained through this extra sense. As a witch it would behoove you to pay close attention to the weaknesses of those around you, and to eradicate or at least closely guard your own weaknesses so no one can catch you off guard.

Perhaps this is why the maxim, “Know Thyself” is so significant to the witch. A witch must know herself and improve herself as to better protect herself and to better perform her magic.


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