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What’s your witchy background?

Little Witch

It all started on Halloween 1983

It began when I was very young, just  a girl and I was interested in witches and sympathetic to them and their familiars in stories–even when they were cast as the bad guys.  My mom encouraged my interest and taught me wishcraft and protection energy work.   She and my father were non-members of a new age eastern christian fusion church, Unity.  I became interested in Druidry and Irish folk custom in college, a few of my teachers were witches and druids in college, and one of my class mates was the priestess of an interfaith coven, and I started to get involved with it.  Her group broke up and decided to go totally Wiccan instead of interfaith. I moved on into a sort of Coptic/Gnostic interest in Christianity, especially iconography and Mary Magdalen and priestess and Mary Mother of God.

From there it was only a matter of time before I became pagan and witch.

Because of my background, I knew a number of solitary witches and magicians.  Friends lent me books, and one trusted friend suggested I find a group.  I shopped around a bit and eventually found Amy as she was founding her new group (she had moved to a new area too far from her old coven).  And we started, the group slowly grew, often it was only the two of us.  We studied together, she taught me a bit, and now it is at six/seven members.  I studied a ton, and I don’t recall exactly why, but Amy and I got interested in mandrakes.

My internet searches for how to grow mandrakes led me to a now defunct forum on Traditional Witchcraft.  I joined and learned and learned and researched and practiced and experimented so I could begin to give back.  Around the same time, I caught wind of Celtic Reconstructionalism–probably through one of the groups I tried out on experimental magic.

I also began to study under Jack Darkhand in the Millennium Tradition he was founding.   It is a Celtic and Witchcraft magic tradition and spirituality way.   I studied intensely his lesson for about half a year, read thoroughly on theory and spent a lot of time building my practice.  Then Jack Darkhand let me know he was dying.   Later on he and I had a small disagreement that led to us not continuing our lessons, but partin on good terms.  He died a year later and I went to his funeral to try and find other members of his tradition, but I did not, his friends told me it was a new tradition and only his widow is privy to more information than I am.  It saddens me know, because I mostly came around to his point of view on the disagreement and all those months of lessons we lost over it.

These three major sources molded me and I continue to work from lessons from all three, Traditional Craft, CR, and Jack Darkhand.  I bring all these things into the picture when I work with the coven and the other members bring their compatible but diverse backgrounds in as well.

It was ten years ago May, that I first got involved in magical and mystical traditions, and 6 years of being a pagan polytheist.


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Sara Star has been spiritcrafting for 5 years now. She is in a coven with three amazing ladies. Sara is an U.S. American with Irish ancestry. Sara is a witch and a pagan.

Sara Star on Beltane

Sara Star on Beltane

Witchcraft has been in me a very long time. When I was a little girl, my mother was unable to console me for hours after I saw the witch melt in the Wizard of Oz. The poor thing! I still have a wand from when I was a child and I use it in some of my workings. A connection through ones whole life like that is worth holding onto. My mother and father were generally new age and taught me energy protection and simple spells as I was growing up. Some of my most powerful spells are the ones my mother taught me to do.

Our heritage is predominately Irish, however there is also some Germanic blood in us. For some folks heritage isn’t a big deal, but its always been a part of my life. My mother especially was very proud of being descended from Irish. When I was a teenager my family joined an Irish Heritage group and in college I focused my Cultural Studies degree in Celtic Studies. I am out of the closet to my family and friends, though I tend to keep it under my shirt at work. Our family has always believed the greatest church is the wilderness–and I am keeping truer to that lately than I have in a few years of overworking myself at day jobs.

There are blogs to educate, blogs to follow the daily life of, and blogs to see the exploration of an individual through a particular life path. Mine would be a mix of all three, with a focus on the life path. I usually read blogs to learn about how other folks live, sometimes folks that are alike to me and other times folks who are very different than me. I love to consume information! If you stop by this blog and like it, please give me a comment or drop me an email about what struck you.

my email address is sara at spiritscraft dot com

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